2021: Philadelphia Voted Philly Quizzo: How Well Do You Know This City? Best Virtual Quizzo!

Philly Quizzo: How Well Do You Know This City?

Bar trivia is incredibly fun and nobody does it better than Patrick of Quizzo Philadelphia, who brought the pub trivia game to residents who are out to have a ball. He learned about Quizzo in Philadelphia in the mid-90s and it led to him starting his own trivia nights a few years later at Leneghan’s Pub. Today, these happen over at the Las Vegas Lounge in Center City. Locals remember watching his pub trivia nights delight patrons in some of the great city gathering spots like Coco’s, now Craftsman Row Saloon at Drexel University, and Howl at the Moon, now Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse. Any time you want to excite your regular crowd with games that let them give answers to lesser-known facts, contact Quizzo Philadelphia to bring up the dopamine at your venue or event!